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General Election Results - 11 December 2006

At elections held on 11 December 2006 for all the members of the 17-seat House of Assembly the ruling Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) sought a third consecutive term in office. The SLP had won 14 of the 17 seats at stake at the last elections in 2001 while the United Workers Party (UWP) had taken the remaining three seats.  Elections were held for all the seats in the House of Assembly on the normal expiry of the members' term of office.

Elections were held for all 17 elected seats in the House of Assembly by first-past-the-post voting in single member constituencies. Following the elections, a Speaker is elected, who may be from outside the House.

In the 2006 elections the UWP was led by veteran politician Sir John Compton who had governed the country from 1964 to independence in 1979 and then from 1982 to 1996. 

Prime Minister Kenny Anthony called on voters to support the SLP Government's achievements in the previous two terms. In particular unemployment had fallen from 22 per cent in 1997 to 15 per cent in 2006 and GDP had been on the rise since 2002 growing by a record 5.4 per cent in 2005. The UWP pledged to create 7,000 new jobs particularly in the IT industry and to reduce unemployment to 10 per cent within five years. Pre-election opinion polls predicting an increased majority for the SLP were dismissed by the UWP leadership. 

Approximately 58 per cent of the 132,500 registered voters turned out at the polls which were observed by the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) and the Organization of American States (OAS). Both organizations said they were satisfied that the poll had been conducted "in a free and fair manner" but recommended changes to election campaign financing rules in order to curb the ever higher levels of media spending. 

To general surprise the final results gave a resounding victory to the opposition UWP. The UWP won 11 seats against six for the SLP even though it received only 2 372 more votes in total. The outgoing Prime Minister and the former Minister of Tourism Phillip J. Pierre were the only SLP candidates to retain their seats. No women were elected. 
Sir John Compton was sworn in as Prime Minister at the age of 81 on 15 December 2006. The newly elected House of Assembly held its first session on 9 January 2007. Ms. Sarah Flood-Beaubrun was elected as the new House Speaker becoming the first woman to assume the post. 

The Senate whose members are appointed by the Governor-General was renewed at the same time as the House. Ms. Rosemary Husband-Mathurin assumed the post of Senate Speaker on 9 January 2007.


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Total Valid Votes 75,756
Invalid Votes 1,731
Total Votes Cast 77,487
Population 168,458
Registered Voters 132,545
Voter Turnout 58.46%
Dissolution of previous Parliament Mon, 17 Nov 2006
Nomination Day Thu, 30 No 2006
Polling Day Mon, 11 Dec 2006
First Meeting of new Parliament Tue, 9 Jan 2007
  Photo Kenny ANTHONY
Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP)
  Photo John COMPTON Winner
United Workers Party (UWP)
UWP 2006 Manifesto  
SLP Manifesto unavailable
OAS Election Observers Report Download report
Saint Lucia Constitution (1978) Download report
Elections Act (1979) Download report
  Party Code  Votes Number of Candidates Seats
Total % votes Change Number Change
  St. Lucia Labour Party SLP 36,604 48.32% -7.7% 17 6 -8
  United Workers Party UWP 38,894 51.34% +13.5% 17 11 +8
  Independents IND 258 0.34% -1.8% 4 0 -
  Total Valid Votes   75,756 100%   38 17 -
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Gros Islet A 15,219 4,255 5,314 - 9,569 305 9,874 64.88%
Babonneau B 9,029 2,477 2,802 - 5,279 176 5,455 60.42%
Castries North C 9,970 2,052 2,947 - 4,999 93 5,092 51.07%
Castries East D 10,143 2,820 2,544 - 5,364 67 5,431 53.54%
Castries Central E 8,877 1,837 2,594 - 4,431 79 4,510 50.81%
Castries South F 7,240 1,895 1,643 - 3,538 233 3,771 52.09%
Canaries & Anse La Raye G 7,060 2,042 2,132 6 4,180 81 4,261 60.35%
Soufriere H 6,748 2,336 1,830 - 4,166 71 4,237 62.79%
Choiseul I 7,613 2,506 2,589 - 5,095 103 5,198 68.28%
Laborie J 5,665 2,127 1,174 - 3,301 48 3,349 59.12%
Vieux Fort South K 6,830 2,403 1,779 - 4,182 71 4,253 62.27%
Vieux Fort North L 5,234 1,942 944 - 2,886 42 2,928 55.94%
Micoud South M 5,435 985 2,000 128 3,113 57 3,170 58.33%
Micoud North N 6,097 1,091 2,142 110 3,343 67 3,410 55.93%
Dennery South O 3,760 1,173 1,234 14 2,421 30 2,451 65.19%
Dennery North P 6,767 1,865 1,999 - 3,864 35 3,899 57.62%
Castries South East Q 10,858 2,798 3,227 - 6,025 173 6,198 57.08%
Total   132,545 36,604 38,894 258 75,756 1,731 77,487 58.46%
    Representative Party
Gros Islet   Photo MONTOUTE, Leonard United Workers Party
Babonneau   Photo JOSEPH, Ezekiel United Workers Party
Castries North   Photo KING, Stephenson United Workers Party
Castries East   Photo PIERRE, Philip Joseph Saint Lucia Labour Party
Castries Central   Photo FREDERICK, Richard United Workers Party
Castries South   Photo LEWIS, Robert Saint Lucia Labour Party
Canaries & Anse La Raye   Photo MONDESIR, Keith United Workers Party
Soufriere   Photo DALSAN, Harold Saint Lucia Labour Party
Choiseul   Photo BOUSQUET, Rufus George United Workers Party
Laborie   Photo BAPTISTE, Alva Romanus Saint Lucia Labour Party
Vieux Fort South   Photo ANTHONY, Kenny Davis Saint Lucia Labour Party
Vieux Fort North   Photo JEAN BAPTISTE, Moses Saint Lucia Labour Party
Micoud South   Photo JAMES, Arsene Vigil United Workers Party
Micoud North   Photo COMPTON, John George Melvin United Workers Party
Dennery South   Photo ESTEPHANE, Edmund United Workers Party
Dennery North   Photo NICHOLAS, Marcus Neil United Workers Party
Castries South East   Photo JOSEPH, Guy United Workers Party
† Died in office

SLP = Saint Lucia Labour Party; UWP = United Workers Party; IND = Independent; *Incumbent; **Political Leader

The Electoral Office of St. Vincent and the Grenadines
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