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General Election Results - 3 May 1982

Elections were held for all the members of the 17-seat House of Assembly following premature dissolution of Parliament on 6 February 1982. General elections had previously been held on 3 July 1979.

On 16 January 1982, Winston Cenac, who had formed a Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) Government in May 1981, resigned following public protests against his Government and a nationwide general strike. An all-party interim coalition Government was then formed by Michael Pilgrim, deputy leader of the Progressive Labour Party (PLP). Parliament was dissolved on 6 February and a general election thus became due within 90 days.

A total of 51 candidates contested the election.  Three political parties – the St. Lucia Labour Party (SLP) led by Peter Josie; the United Workers Party (UWP) led by John Compton, and the George Odlum led Progressive Labour Party (PLP) - each presented a full slate of 17 candidates. 

On polling day, the United Workers' Party (UWP), led by John Compton, won 14 of the 17 Assembly seats, thus defeating the formerly dominant SLP; the PLP obtained one seat.  Compton consequently returned to power as Prime Minister on 5 May after a three-year lapse.   The SLP won two seats and the Progressive Labour Party took the remaining seat.  Voter turnout was 66.9%.








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Total Valid Votes 48,507
Invalid Votes 1,083
Total Votes Cast 49,950
Population 124,000
Registered Voters 75,363
Voter Turnout 65.80%
Dissolution of previous Parliament Sat, 6 Feb 1982
Nomination Day -
Polling Day Mon, 3 May 1982
First Meeting of new Parliament -
  Photo Peter JOSIE
Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP)
  Photo John COMPTON Winner
United Workers Party (UWP)
  Photo George ODLUM
Progressive Labour Party (PLP)
Saint Lucia Constitution (1978) Download report
Elections Act (1979) Download report
  Party Code  Votes Number of Candidates Seats
Total % votes Change Number Change
  St. Lucia Labour Party SLP 8,122 16.74% -39.5% 17 2 -10
  United Workers Party UWP 27,252 56.18% +12.4% 17 14 +9
  Progressive Labour Party PLP 13,133 27.07% +27.1% 17 1 +1
  Total Valid Votes   48,507 100%   51 17  
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Gros Islet A 489 1,558 920 2,967 2,967
Castries Northwest/Babonneau B 96 2,213 618 2,927 2,927
Castries Northeast C 265 2,803 2,396 5,464 5,464
Castries East D 322 2,907 1,784 5,013 5,013
Castries Central E 80 1,088 461 1,629 1,629
Castries South F 78 975 1,070 2,123 2,123
Anse-la-Raye/Canaries G 805 1,656 678 3,139 3,139
Soufriere H 864 1,095 795 2,754 2,754
Choiseul/Fond St. Jacques I 884 1,602 636 3,122 3,122
Laborie/Saltibus J 1,503 1,354 363 3,220 3,220
Vieux-Fort South K 884 1,075 466 2,425 2,425
Vieux-Fort North L 851 680 198 1,729 1,729
Micoud South M 169 1,529 78 1,776 1,776
Micoud North N 40 2,217 113 2,370 2,370
Dennery South O 693 844 97 1,634 1,634
Dennery North P 38 1,818 826 2,682 2,682
Castries Southeast Q 61 1,838 1,634 3,533 3,533
Total   8,122 27,252 13,133 48,507 48,507
  Representative Party
Gros Islet   PHILIP, Peter P. United Workers Party
Castries Northwest/Babonneau   BOUSQUET, J.R.Allan United Workers Party
Castries Northeast   BRISTOL, John Lisle United Workers Party
Castries East   LANSIQUOT, Romanus United Workers Party
Castries Central   MALLET, William George United Workers Party
Castries South   ODLUM, S.N.Jon Progressive Labour Party
Anse-la-Raye/Canaries   D'AUVERGNE, Ira.A. United Workers Party
Soufriere   RIVIERE, Lennard J. United Workers Party
Choiseul/Fond St. Jacques   CHARLES, S. Brian United Workers Party
Laborie/Saltibus   CENAC, Neville E. Saint Lucia Labour Party
Vieux-Fort South   STEPHEN, Eldridge United Workers Party
Vieux-Fort North   LAY, Cecil H. Saint Lucia Labour Party
Micoud South   COMPTON, John George M. United Workers Party
Micoud North   GEORGE, Louis United Workers Party
Dennery South   MASON, Clendon H. United Workers Party
Dennery North   HENRY, Ferdinand United Workers Party
Castries Southeast   RAMBALLY, Clarence United Workers Party



SLP = Saint Lucia Labour Party; UWP = United Workers Party; IND = Independent; *Incumbent; **Political Leader

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