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Speakers of the National Assembly of Guyana
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After each general election, the Members of Parliament elect a Speaker from among any Member (not being a Minister or a Parliamentary Secretary) or any other suitable person to preside over the proceedings of the House.

The Speaker oversees the administration of the House and chairs several committees including the Parliamentary Management Committee. The Speaker ensures the orderly conduct of matters within the House. He can be described as a referee, interpreting rules in an impartial manner; and defending the rights and privileges of members, including the right of speech. He does not participate in debates, and can suspend a sitting in the case of serious disorder. The Speaker is also the spokesperson and representative of the National Assembly in its relations with the executive and other bodies outside of the House.

The fact that the Speaker sits in an elevated, middle position, with both sides of the House flanking his chair, underlines his authority. His/her entry into the Chamber is preceded by the Sergeant-at-arms, who carries the Mace, the symbol of the Speaker’s authority. The entire chamber rises on his entry, and takes their seats after him/her. The Sergeant-at-Arms then places the Mace on the table in front of the Speaker. This means that the House is in session. Whenever he leaves the Chamber, the Sergeant-at -Arms removes the Mace. This signals that the House is no longer in session.

The current Speaker is Hon. Dr. Barton U.A. SCOTLAND, C.C.H, MP.

Deputy Speaker

The Deputy Speaker is elected in a similar manner to the Speaker, except that the Speaker, if present, presides over the elections. The Deputy Speaker replaces the Speaker when the latter is unavoidably absent.

Photo Name Entered Office Left Office
Photo Hon Sir Eustace Gordon WOLLFORD, OBE, QC 7 Apr 1953 30 Jun 1957
Photo Hon Sir Donald Edward JACKSON, CCH 21 Aug 1957 17 Jul 1961
Photo Hon. Rahman Baccus GAJRAJ, CBE, JP 5 Oct 1961 24 Sep 1964
Photo Hon. Aubrey Percival ALLEYNE 31 Dec 1964 4 Aug 1967*
Photo Hon. Rahman Baccus GAJRAJ, CBE, JP 16 Feb 1968 1970
Photo Hon. Sase NARAIN, CMG, OR, SC, JP 4 Jan 1971 29 Aug 1992
Photo Hon. Derek Chunilall JAGAN, OR, CCH, SC, JP 17 Dec 1992 15 Oct 2000*
Photo Hon. Clarissa S. RIEHL (acting) 15 Oct 2000 23 Oct 2000
Photo Hon. Winslow Martin ZEPHYR 23 Oct 2000 15 Feb 2001
Photo Hon. Hari Narayen 'Ralph' RAMKARAN, SC 4 May 2001 22 Sep 2011
Photo Hon. Raphael TROTMAN 12 Jan 2012 28 Feb 2015
Photo Hon. Dr. Barton U.A. SCOTLAND, CCH, MP 10 Jun 2015 incumbent
* died in office
source: http://www.parliament.gov.gy
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