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The House of Assembly of Barbados 1966-1971
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The House of Assembly has 24 directly elected Members from 12 double member constituencies.
Distribution of Seats by Party
  Democratic Labour Party 14
  Barbados Labour Party 8
  Barbados National Party 2
As of 29 May 1969: DLP-13; BLP-9; BNP-1
Distribution of Seats by Gender
  Men 24
  Women 0
Election Date
Thursday, 3 November 1966
Dissolution of Parliament
Monday, 16 August 1971
Photo His Honour John Eustace Theodore BRANCKER, MP, Speaker
Photo His Honor G.E. SARGEANT, Deputy Speaker
Standing Orders of the House of Assembly of Barbados (1966)
source: http://www.barbadosparliament.com
  Photo Member's Name Constituency Party
  Photo Ernest Deighton MOTTLEY City of Bridgetown Barbados National Party
  Photo Louis A. LYNCH*
(died 7 Mar 1969)
Barbados National Party
  Photo Elliot MOTTLEY
(elected in 29 May 1969 by-election)
Barbados Labour Party
  Photo Jameson Barrymore SPRINGER  St Michael Democratic Labour Party
  Photo George Granville FERGUSSON Democratic Labour Party
  Photo Harold Bernard ST. JOHN Christ Church Barbados Labour Party
  Photo Cuthbert Edwy TALMA Democratic Labour Party
  Photo Reynold St.C. WEEKES St Philip Democratic Labour Party
  Photo Garfield E. SARGEANT
Deputy Speaker
Democratic Labour Party
  Photo W. Russell LOWE  St George Democratic Labour Party
  Photo C.A. EYRE HOPPIN Democratic Labour Party
  Photo Errol W. BARROW
Primier (to 29 Nov 1966)
Prime Minister (from 30 Nov 1966)
St John Democratic Labour Party
  Photo John B. YEARWOOD
Chairman of Committees
Democratic Labour Party
  Photo Lloyd E. SMITH St Joseph Barbados Labour Party
  Photo Grantley H. ADAMS
Leader of the Opposition (resigned to Nov 1970)
Barbados Labour Party
  Photo Charles Lindsay BOLDEN (elected in 3 Dec 1970 by-election) Barbados Labour Party
  Photo Lionel S. CRAIG St James Barbados Labour Party
  Photo Ellesworth St. Aubyn HOLDER Barbados Labour Party
  Photo Arlington DaCosta EDWARDS St Andrew Democratic Labour Party
  Photo John W. CORBIN Democratic Labour Party
  Photo John Eustace Theodore BRANCKER
St Lucy Democratic Labour Party
  Photo James Cameron TUDOR
Leader of the House
Democratic Labour Party
  Photo Kenmore Nathaniel Rhystone HUSBANDS  St Peter Barbados Labour Party
  Photo W.C.Burton HINDS Barbados Labour Party
  Photo J.M.G.M. ADAMS
St Thomas Barbados Labour Party
  Photo Neville Wilfred BOXILL Democratic Labour Party
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