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Michael Abraham
(26 September 1948 – 7 May 2019)
Michael Anthony Abraham, AA
Former Member of Parliament, Guyana

Michael Anthony Abraham was a Guyanese musician, politician, and former Member of Parliament

Early life and education

Michael Anthony Abraham was born at the Acquero Health Centre in Moruca, North West District in Guyana on 26 September 1948 to Patrick and Mary Abraham. He was the brother of Joseph Abraham of Hiawa, Dorothy James of Aishalton, Isabella Smith of Moruca, and the late Zita Abraham and Imelda Desouza.

His parents were descendants of the Spanish Arawak people who fled uprisings in Venezuela and came to live along the border river communities of this country. As a result, Spanish Arawak was mostly spoken in the home. Some English was also used.  Patrick and Mary Abraham were both teachers, and this explains how he came to be in the Rupununi.

When he was just about eight years old, his father was asked by the Roman Catholic Church to set up a school in the Wapishana-inhabited village of Awaruwaunau in the South Rupununi. He agreed. It was there that Abraham would learn to speak the Wapishana Language.

The family subsequently returned to Moruca, where Abraham was enrolled at the Santa Rosa school. However, his father was again asked to set up another school – this time at Nappi village among the Macushi people of the North Rupununi. He attended the very school for two years, after which his father transferred him to the “far higher and better” school, St Ignatius. He spent a year at that school, but was again transferred – to Sand Creek, in the South Rupununi. So, he was back again with the Wapishana people.

The Sand Creek School was run by the daughter of the late Stephen Campbell, the first Amerindian to become a Parliamentarian in Guyana. Abraham would complete his high school education at that school, and once he graduated, he took up a teaching job right there.

He then moved to Georgetown to attend the Teachers’ Training College.  He later enrolled at the Guyana School of Agriculture, where he pursued a Diploma Course. Upon completion of his studies, Abraham returned to Nappi Village, where he became a Head Teacher.


Michael Abraham joined The United Force (TUF) under then leader, Marcellus Fielden Singh, who succeeded party founder Peter D’Aguiar. He was asked by the party to be its representative in the National Assembly and for 18 years, Abraham championed the cause of the Indigenous people.

Honours and awards

Abraham was also the holder of a national award – The Golden Arrow of Achievement (AA) – for his service in community development and his efforts to preserve the Indigenous culture.

Personal life

He was married to wife Eleanor Abraham and was the father of eight children - Bonita Sampson of GuySuCo, Michael Emile Abraham of GGMC, Divina Taschke of Australia, Alaric Abraham of GRA, Michella, John Abraham of GECOM, Anna Abraham of Demerara Bank Ltd, and Angela Abraham of GuySuCo, and adopted children, Doreen Bernard and Ricardo Edwards.


Abraham died on 7 May 2019 following several years of battling the amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS, Lou Gehrig’s) disease.  He was 70.  He was laid to rest on 11 May 2019 at Little Diamond Cemetery, near the Diamond Roman Catholic Church; following a funeral service being held at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, Brickdam, Guyana.




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Occupation Politician
Date of Birth 26 September 1948
Place of Birth British Guiana
Date of Death 7 May 2019 (aged 70)
Place of Death Guyana
Notable Accomplishments
Former Member of Parliament, Guyana
Country profile Guyana
The United Force

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