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Voters in Suriname went to the polls on 25 May 2015. Caribbean Elections provides information and current news for voters, students, teachers on the election and the Suriname electoral process.
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Learn more The 51 seats in the National Assembly (Nationale Assemblee) of Suriname are elected using proportional representation in ten multi-member constituencies containing between two and seventeen seats.The National Assembly subsequently elects the president.
Head of State Head of State is the Head of Government. President iIndirectly elected by legislature
Head of Government Indirectly elected by legislature/chosen by parliament
Structure of Parliament Unicameral National Assembly (Nationale Assemblee) with 51 members
Electoral Law 23 October 1987
Electoral Districts 10 multi-member constituencies (between 2 and 17 seats each).
Voting System The President is elected by the National Assembly to serve a 5-year term. In the the National Assembly (Nationale Assemblee) 51 members are elected by popular vote to serve 5-year terms.
Term of Office 5 years
Voter Requirements Citizen of Suriname, 18 years old, resident in the country.
Ddisqualifications: deprivation of voting right by court decision, detention, insanity
Candidate Eligibility and Requirements Qualified electors
- age: 21 years
- Suriname citizenship
- residence in the constituency where running for at least 2 years
- member of a political party
- nomination by political party
- support by specified number of electors
Electoral Authority The Independent Electoral Council Central Polling Authority
Last Elections 25 May 2015
Next Elections 25 May 2020
Year Specific Date   Winning Party Total
  Party % Votes Seats

Mon, 30 May 1949

  National Party of Suriname - 13 21 47.50%
1951 Wed, 14 Mar 1951   National Party of Suriname - 13 21 38.40%
1955 Tue, 29 Mar 1955   Unity Front - 11 21 -
1958 Wed, 25 Jun 1958   National Party of Suriname - 9 21 -
1963 Mar 1963   National Party of Suriname 24.28% 14 36 -
1967 Mar 1967   National Party of Suriname 29.49% 17 39 -
1969 Nov 1969   Progressive Reform Party (VHP) Bloc 37.23% 19 39 -
1973 Mon, 19 Nov 1973   National Party Combination 50.54% 22 39 75.64%
1977 Mon, 31 Oct 1977   National Party Combination 45.41% 22 39 77.77%
1987 Wed, 25 Nov 1987   Front for Democracy and Development 85.50% 40 51 84.97%
1991 Sat, 25 May 1991   New Front for Democracy and Development 54.29% 30 51 64.31%
1996 Thu, 23 May 1996   New Front for Democracy and Development 41.78% 24 51 66.66%
2000 Thu, 25 May 2000   New Front for Democracy and Development 47.55% 33 51 72.03%
2005 Wed, 25 May 2005   New Front for Democracy and Development 41.08% 23 51 65.93%
2010 Tue, 25 May 2010   Mega Combinatie 40.22% 23 51 73.21%
2015 Mon, 25 May 2015   National Democratic Party 45.46% 26 51 72.72%
Year Report Download
2000 Report of the OAS Electoral Observation Mission to Suriname 2000 Download
2005 Preliminary Statement issed by the CARICOM Electoral Observer Mission to the General Elections in Suriname, 27 May 2005 Download
Report of the OAS Electoral Observation Mission in Suriname Parliamentary and Presidential Elections 2005 Download
2010 Preliminary Statement issed by the CARICOM Electoral Observer Mission to the General Elections in Suriname, 25 May 2010 Download
Report of the OAS Electoral Observation Mission for the General Elections in the Republic of Suriname on 25 May 2010 Download
2015 Preliminary Statement issed by the CARICOM Electoral Observer Mission to the General Elections in Suriname, 25 May 2015 Download
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