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Learn more In the National Assembly of People's Power (Asemblea Nacional del Poder Popular) 609 members are elected by direct vote to serve 5-year terms.
Head of State Head of State is the Head of Government indirectly elected by legislature
Head of Government Indirectly elected by legislature/chosen by parliament
Structure of Parliament Unicameral
Electoral Law 15 August 1982; Last amendment: 29/10/1992
Constituencies According to the Electoral Law, there is one Deputy for every 20,000 inhabitants or fraction above 10,000 in each of the country's 169 municipalities. These are divided into units, which are delimited according to population. There is a minimum of one unit for a constituency of up to 399 inhabitants and a maximum of eight for constituencies of more than 2,800 inhabitants.
Voting System In the National Assembly of People's Power (Asemblea Nacional del Poder Popular) 609 members are elected by direct vote to serve 5-year terms. To be declared elected, each candidate must obtain more than 50% of the valid votes cast in the constituency in which he or she is running. If this is not attained, the seat in question remains vacant unless the Council of State decides to hold another election.
Term of Office 5 years
Voter Requirements - Age: 16 years
- Cuban citizenship
- Residence in country for at least two years prior to elections
- Disqualifications: insanity, court-declared incapacity, detention, deprivation of political rights
Candidate Eligibility and Requirements Qualified electors
- Age: 18 years
- Cuban citizenship
- Full possession of political rights for at least five years prior to elections
- According to law, up to 50% of the Deputies must be delegates chosen in each municipality.
Electoral Authority Central State Administration and Local Government National Election Commission
Last Elections 20 January 2008
Next Elections January 2013
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