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Constituencies in Bermuda
Bermuda is divided into 36 constituencies, each represented by one member in the House of Assembly. Under the Constitution, a Boundaries Commission is appointed every seven years to examine and, if necessary, to revise the boundaries of these 36 constituencies. Each constituency is approximately 0.58 square miles on average, with between 1,031 and 1,143 voters.
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There are 36 poling stations in Bermuda, one in each of the island's constituencies. The polling stations for the 2017 General Election are provided below:

  • 1 St. George’s North – East End Primary School
  • 2 St. George’s West – Penno’s Wharf Terminal
  • 3 St. Davids – Clearwater Middle School
  • 4 St. George’s South – Holy Trinity Church Hall
  • 5 Hamilton East – Francis Patton Primary School
  • 6 Hamilton West – Harrington Sound Primary School
  • 7 Hamilton South – Whitney Institute
  • 8 Smith’s South – Elliot Primary School
  • 9 Smith’s West – Somersfield Academy
  • 10 Smith’s North – Christ Church Hall, Devonshire
  • 11 Devonshire East – Horticultural Hall, Botanical Gardens
  • 12 Devonshire South Central – Visitors’ Centre, Botanical Gardens
  • 13 Devonshire North Central – Prospect Primary School
  • 14 Devonshire North West – CedarBridge Academy
  • 15 Pembroke East – Sports Pavilion, National Stadium
  • 16 Pembroke East Central – Victor Scott Primary School
  • 17 Pembroke Central – The Berkeley Institute
  • 18 Pembroke West Central – Northlands Primary School
  • 19 Pembroke West – West Pembroke Primary School
  • 20 Pembroke South West – Seventh-day Adventist Church Hall, King Street
  • 21 Pembroke South East – St. Paul’s Church Hall, Hamilton
  • 22 Paget East – St, Paul’s Church Hall, Paget
  • 23 Paget West – Evangelical Church Hall, Mission Road, Paget
  • 24 Warwick South East – Bermuda College
  • 25 Warwick North East – Paget Primary School
  • 26 Warwick South Central – Bright Temple Church Hall
  • 27 Warwick North Central – St. Mary’s Church Hall
  • 28 Warwick West – Purvis Primary School
  • 29 Southampton East – Windreach Bermuda
  • 30 Southampton East Central – Heron Bay Primary School
  • 31 Southampton West Central – Mount Zion Church Hall
  • 32 Southampton West – Dalton E. Tucker Primary School
  • 33 Sandys South – Somers Isle Lodge
  • 34 Sandys South Central – West End Primary School
  • 35 Sandys North Central – Somerset Primary School
  • 36 Sandys North – St. James Church Hall
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OBA = One Bermuda Alliance; PLP = Progressive Labour Party; IND = Inpendent candidate; * Incumbent; ** Political Leader
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