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General Election Results - 28 March 2001

General elections were held on Wednesday, 28 March 2001 for all directly elected members of the House of Assembly following the premature dissolution of this body.  General elections had previously been held in June 1998.

The unicameral Parliament of St. Vincent, the House of Assembly, comprises 15 elected Representatives and six Senators appointed by the Governor-General – four on the advice of the Prime Minister and two on the advice of the Leader of the Opposition.  The normal duration of the legislature is five years.

In May 2000, the then Prime Minister James Mitchel and the opposition leaders decided to schedule elections before 31 March 2001, more than two years ahead of the constitutional deadline. They agreed to bring them forward after a wave of anti-government strikes and street demonstrations sparked by Parliament's approval of new pensions and gratuities for parliamentarians.

The main opposition party, the centre-left Unity Labour Party (ULP), a merger of the Labour Party (SVLP) and the Movement for National Unity (MNU), based its campaign on initiatives for creating a system of good governance which included job creation as a major priority, toughness on crime and fighting corruption in government.  On its part, the incumbent New Democratic Party (NDP) that had been in power for the last 16 years centred its campaign around promises of diversifying the agriculture-based economy.

These were the first elections monitored by international observers, some of them coming from the Caribbean Community (CARICOM).  On polling day, there were no reports of violence, although the ULP leader, Mr Gonsalves had reportedly received death threats.
There were 41 candidates from three political parties competing for the 15 seats at stake.  Results showed a landslide victory for the ULP, which took 12 of the 15 seats in Parliament.  The incumbent NDP won three seats.  Voter turnout was 69.2%.

On 29 March 2001, Dr Ralph Gonsalves, of the ULP, was sworn in for a five-year term as fourth Prime Minister by Governor-General Sir Charles Antrobus.

Successful candidates took their seats in Parliament on 17 April 2001, when a new session of the Seventh Parliament convened.  Hendrick Alexander was appointed as the new Speaker by Prime Minister Gonsalves.

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Total Valid Votes 58,284
Invalid Votes 214
Total Votes Cast 58,498
Population 114,417
Voting Age Population 63,986
Registered Voters 84,536
Voter Turnout 69.20%
Dissolution of Sixth Parliament Mon, 5 Mar 2001
Nomination Day -
Polling Day Wed, 28 Mar 2001
First Meeting of Seventh Parliament Tue, 17 Apr 2001
  Photo Ralph GONSALVES Winner
Unity Labour Party (ULP)
  Photo Arnhim EUSTACE
New Democratic Party (NDP)
  Photo Ken BOYEA
People's Progressive Party (PPP)
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  Party Code  Votes Number of Candidates Seats
Total % votes Change Number Change
  Unity Labour Party ULP 32,925 56.49% +1.9% 15 12 +5
  New Democratic Party NDP 23,844 40.91% -4.4% 15 3 -5
  People's Progressive Movement PPM 1,515 2.60% +2.6% 11 0 -
  Total Valid Votes Total 58,284 100% - 41 15 -
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North Windward NW 5,182 2,003 2,211 - 4,214 16 4,230 81.63%
North Central Windward NC 6,070 724 3,153 30 3,907 17 3,924 64.65%
South Central Windward SC 5,991 1,820 2,426 67 4,313 13 4,326 72.21%
South Windward SW 5,414 1,019 2,507 89 3,615 17 3,632 67.09%
Marriaqua MQ 6,180 1,435 2,858 - 4,293 15 4,308 69.71%
East St. George EG 6,656 1,289 2,722 560 4,571 15 4,586 68.90%
West St. George WG 6,365 1,504 2,641 94 4,239 14 4,253 66.82%
East Kingstown EK 6,318 2,088 2,048 - 4,136 14 4,150 65.69%
Central Kingstown CK 6,306 1,575 1,991 440 4,006 7 4,013 63.64%
West Kingstown WK 6,060 1,829 1,961 123 3,913 35 3,948 65.15%
South Leeward SL 6,879 2,244 2,614 - 4,858 16 4,874 70.85%
Central Leeward CL 5,617 1,593 2,363 51 4,007 12 4,019 71.55%
North Leeward NL 5,474 1,912 2,124 23 4,059 6 4,065 74.26%
Northern Grenadines NG 3,684 1,873 553 21 2,447 9 2,456 66.67%
Southern Grenadines SG 2,340 936 753 17 1,706 8 1,714 73.25%
Total   84,536 23,844 32,925 1,515 58,284 214 58,498 69.20%
  Representative Party
North Windward   DANIEL, Montgomery Unity Labour Party
North Central Windward   GONSALVES, Ralph Everard* Unity Labour Party
South Central Windward   WALTERS, Selmon Unity Labour Party
South Windward   BEACHE, Vincent Ian Unity Labour Party
Marriaqua   MIGUEL, Girlyn Unity Labour Party
East St. George   BURGIN, Clifton Clayton Fitzroy Unity Labour Party
West St. George   BROWNE, Michael Rayfield Cornelius Unity Labour Party
East Kingstown   EUSTACE, Arnhim Ulric New Democratic Party
Central Kingstown   SAYERS, Conrad Unity Labour Party
West Kingstown   BAPTISTE, Rene Unity Labour Party
South Leeward   SLATER, Douglas Unity Labour Party
Central Leeward   STRAKER, Louis Unity Labour Party
North Leeward   THOMPSON, Jerrol Unity Labour Party
Northern Grenadines   FRIDAY, Godwin L. New Democratic Party
Southern Grenadines   OLLIVIERRE, Terrance Nathaniel New Democratic Party
DRP= Democratic Republican Party; NDP = New Democratic Party; SVGP = St. Vincent and the Grenadines Green Party; ULP = Unity Labour Party; IND = Independent; * Incumbent; ** Political Leader
The Electoral Office of St. Vincent and the Grenadines
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