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General Election Results - 15 June 1998

General elections were held on Monday, 15 June 1998 for all popularly chosen members of the House of Assembly following the premature dissolution of this body.  General elections had previously been held in February 1994.

The unicameral Parliament of St. Vincent, the House of Assembly, comprises 15 elected Representatives and six Senators appointed by the Governor-General – four on the advice of the Prime Minister and two on the advice of the Leader of the Opposition.  The normal duration of the legislature is five years.

In the 1998 general elections, the ruling New Democratic Party (NDP), led by Prime Minister James Mitchell, was primarily opposed by the United Labour Party (ULP) headed by Vincent Beache; the ULP was founded in 1994 by a merger of the Movement for National Unity (MNU) and the St. Vincent Labour Party (SVLP).  The election date had been announced on 18 May.
During the campaign, the NDP advocated tax cuts and the promotion of tourism and agricultural development, while the ULP called for job creation, economic development and improved social services.

When polling results giving the NDP eight seats and the ULP seven seats were announced, Beache declared that he could not accept the outcome and called for fresh elections, alleging voter intimidation, fraud, and bribery.  This was promptly rebutted by the NDP.  The ULP had taken 54.6% of valid votes.  Voter turnout was 67.4%.

On 17 June, Mitchell was sworn in for his fourth consecutive term as Prime Minister; the next day, his new Cabinet took office.
In December 1998, Beache resigned as leader of the ULP, and Dr. Ralph Gonsalves was elected in his place.  Beache however remained as leader of the opposition in the House of Assembly.

On 27 October 2000, Mitchell resigned as Prime Minister, under the terms of an agreement with the opposition designed to end the anti-government protests that had affect the islands since May.  Arnhim Eustace became the third Prime Minister of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

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Total Valid Votes 51,328
Invalid Votes 185
Total Votes Cast 51,513
Population 114,996
Voting Age Population 68,812
Registered Voters 76,469
Voter Turnout 67.36%
Dissolution of Fifth Parliament Mon, 18 May 1998
Nomination Day -
Polling Day Mon, 15 Jun 1998
First Meeting of Sixth Parliament Thu. 9 Jul 1998
  Photo James MITCHELLWinner
New Democratic Party (NDP)
  Photo Vincent BEACHE
Unity Labour Party (ULP)
  Photo William BURTON
People's Working Party (PWP)
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  Party Code  Votes Number of Candidates Seats
Total % votes Change Number Change
  Unity Labour Party ULP 28,025 54.60% +54.6% 15 7 +7
  New Democratic Party NDP 23,258 45.31% -9.6% 15 8 -4
  People's Working Party PWP 45 0.09% +0.1% 1 0  
  Total Valid Votes Total 51,328 100% - 31 15 -
North Windward NW 4,668 1,875 1,817 - 3,692 12 3,704 79.35%
North Central Windward NC 5,697 827 2,943 - 3,770 19 3,789 66.51%
South Central Windward SC 5,332 1,920 1,811 - 3,731 20 3,751 70.35%
South Windward SW 5,086 1,102 2,361 45 3,508 13 3,521 69.23%
Marriaqua MQ 5,724 1,453 2,504 - 3,957 9 3,966 69.29%
East St. George EG 5,993 1,522 2,514 - 4,036 10 4,046 67.51%
West St. George WG 5,819 1,421 2,366 - 3,787 16 3,803 65.35%
East Kingstown EK 5,552 1,682 1,655 - 3,337 9 3,346 60.27%
Central Kingstown CK 5,792 1,558 2,006 - 3,564 14 3,578 61.77%
West Kingstown WK 5,403 1,691 1,502 - 3,193 15 3,208 59.37%
South Leeward SL 5,995 2,117 2,014 - 4,131 16 4,147 69.17%
Central Leeward CL 5,225 1,670 2,183 - 3,853 8 3,861 73.89%
North Leeward NL 4,932 1,880 1,658 - 3,538 5 3,543 71.84%
Northern Grenadines NG 3,236 1,668 220 - 1,888 10 1,898 58.65%
Southern Grenadines SG 2,015 872 471 - 1,343 9 1,352 67.10%
Total   76,469 23,258 28,025 45 51,328 185 51,513 67.36%
  Representative Party
North Windward   ROBERTS, Monty New Democratic Party
North Central Windward   GONSALVES, Ralph Everard* Unity Labour Party
South Central Windward   CRUICKSHANK, Chiefton Allan New Democratic Party
South Windward   BEACHE, Vincent Ian* Unity Labour Party
Marriaqua   MIGUEL, Girlyn Unity Labour Party
East St. George   JOHN, Stanley Kenrick Unity Labour Party
West St. George   BROWNE, Michael Rayfield Cornelius Unity Labour Party
East Kingstown   EUSTACE, Arnhim Ulric New Democratic Party
Central Kingstown   BOYEA, Ormiston 'Ken' Unity Labour Party
West Kingstown   HORNE, John New Democratic Party
South Leeward   SCOTT, Jeremiah Cephus New Democratic Party
Central Leeward   STRAKER, Louis Unity Labour Party
North Leeward   ALLEN, Alpian New Democratic Party
Northern Grenadines   MITCHELL, James Fitz-Allen* New Democratic Party
Southern Grenadines   STEWART, Glenford New Democratic Party
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DRP= Democratic Republican Party; NDP = New Democratic Party; SVGP = St. Vincent and the Grenadines Green Party; ULP = Unity Labour Party; IND = Independent; * Incumbent; ** Political Leader
The Electoral Office of St. Vincent and the Grenadines
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