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General Election Results - 9 December 1974

General elections were held on Monday, 9 December 1974 for all the Representatives in the House of Assembly.  Parliament was dissolved on 23 September 1974 following a vote of no confidence in the government on 18 September 1974.

Five political parties nominated 31 candidates to contest the election for the 13 elected seats in the House of Assembly.  The St. Vincent labour Party (SVLP) led by former Premier R. Milton Cato fielded 11 candidates.  The former dominant People’s Political Party (PPP) of Ebenezer Joshua fielded only three candidates, being impacted by the breakaway “Junta” headed by Premier James Mitchell, and communications and works minister Othneil Sylvester, which fielded 11 candidates.  The minor West Indian National Party (WINP) of George Charles nominated four candidates; while the Democratic Freedom Movement (DFM) of Dr. Kenneth John nominated two candidates.

The result was a victory for the St. Vincent Labour Party (SVLP) led by former Premier Milton Cato, which won ten of the 13 seats.  The PPP won two seats, and Mitchell won the sole seat for the JUNTA.

The SVLP's manifesto had called for "full independence within five years" (ref a), developing agro- industries, returning the country to sugar production, encouraging foreign investment in light industries which offer local job opportunities and technical training, and support for co-operatives and self-help projects.  It also promised a price control system for consumer products.

Voter turnout was 63.2%.

Cato was returned to office as Premier in unity government that included former rival Ebenezer Joshua as his Minister of Trade and Agriculture.

St Vincent and the Grenadines became independent on 27 October 1979.  The House of Assembly was dissolved on 7 November and the electorate was called upon to vote on 5 December 1979.

Total Valid Votes 28,359
Invalid Votes 215
Total Votes Cast 28,574
Population 90,000
Voting Age Population 36,630
Registered Voters 45,181
Voter Turnout 63.24%
Dissolution of Parliament Mon, 23 Sep 1974
Nomination Day Mon, 18 Nov 1974
Polling Day Mon, 9 Dec 1974
First Meeting of Parliament Thu, 2 Jan 1975
  Photo Milton CATO Winner
St. Vincent Labour Party (SVLP)
  Photo Ebenezer JOSHUA
People's Political Party (PPP)
  Photo Kenneth JOHN
Democratic Freedom Movement (DFM)
  Photo George CHARLES
West Indies National Party (WINP)
Saint Vincent Constituency Boundary Commission Order (1969) Download report
  Party Code  Votes Number of Candidates Seats
Total % votes Change Number Change
  Saint Vincent Labour Party SVLP 19,579 69.04% +18.6% 11 10 +4
  Mitchell/Sylvester Faction JUNTA 4,641 16.37% +16.4% 11 1 +1
  People's Political Party PPP 3,806 13.42% -32.0% 3 2 -4
  Democratic Freedom Movement DFM 217 0.77% +0.8% 2 0 -
  West Indies National Party WINP 116 0.41% +0.4% 4 0 -
  Total Valid Votes Total 28,359 100% - 31 13 -
North Windward - 262 1,386 - - 1,648
North Central Windward 2,388 100 - - - 2,488
South Central Windward - 111 1,450 - 31 1,592
South Windward 1,737 - - - 62 1,799
Marriaqua 1,936 35 - - - 1,971
East St. George 1,995 51 - - - 2,046
West St. George 1,529 - 970 - 14 2,513
East Kingstown 1,910 366 - 76 - 2,352
West Kingstown 2,017 178 - 141 9 2,345
South Leeward 1,948 925 - - - 2,873
Central Leeward 1,644 144 - - - 1,788
North Leeward 1,669 1,138 - - - 2,807
Grenadines 806 1,331 - - - 2,137
Total 19,579 4,641 3,806 217 116 28,359
Elected Members of House of Assembly
  Representative Party
North Windward   JOSHUA, Ivy Inez People's Political Party
North Central Windward   BEACHE, Vincent Ian Saint Vincent Labour Party
South Central Windward   JOSHUA, Ebenezer Theodore* People's Political Party
South Windward   DACON, Charles St.Clair Saint Vincent Labour Party
Marriaqua   LATHAM, Levi Calvert Saint Vincent Labour Party
East St. George   CATO, Robert Milton* Saint Vincent Labour Party
West St. George   WILLIAMS, Arthur Francis Saint Vincent Labour Party
East Kingstown   RUSSELL, Randolph Bertie Saint Vincent Labour Party
West Kingstown   TANNIS, Hudson Kemuel People's Political Party
South Leeward   ISAACS, Grafton Cephas Saint Vincent Labour Party
Central Leeward   WOODS, Arthur Theophilus Saint Vincent Labour Party
North Leeward   THOMPSON, John Gilbert Saint Vincent Labour Party
Grenadines   MITCHELL, James Fitz-Allen Junta
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DRP= Democratic Republican Party; NDP = New Democratic Party; SVGP = St. Vincent and the Grenadines Green Party; ULP = Unity Labour Party; IND = Independent; * Incumbent; ** Political Leader
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