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The House of Assembly of Bermuda 2017 - present
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The House of Assembly consists of 36 elected members, each Parliamentary Constituency has one elected member. Each Parish is divided into either 3 or 4 constituencies. After a general election, one Member of Parliament is elected by his/her parliamentary colleagues as the Speaker. Once elected, the Speaker renounces all party affiliation and does not participate in any debate, his main function being to ensure that the rules are observed and the order and decorum are maintained during meetings.

Members of the House of Assembly
Members Name Role Constituency Party
Renee Ming, JP, MP Backbencher Constituency 1 - St. George's North Progressive Labour Party
Kim Swan, JP, MP Backbencher Constituency 2 - St. George's West Progressive Labour Party
Lovitta Foggo, JP, MP Minister of Government Reform Constituency 3 - St. David's Progressive Labour Party
Tinee Furbert, JP, MP Junior Minister of Disability Affairs Constituency 4 - St. George's South Progressive Labour Party
Derrick Burgess, JP, MP Deputy Speaker of the House of Assembly Constituency 5 - Hamilton East Progressive Labour Party
Wayne Furbert, JP, MP Junior Minister of Finance Constituency 6 - Hamilton West Progressive Labour Party
Sylvan Richards Jr, JP, MP Shadow Minister of Planning and Environment Constituency 7 -Hamilton South One Bermuda Alliance
N. Cole Simons, JP, MP Shadow Minister of Education Constituency 8 - Smiths South One Bermuda Alliance
Trevor Moniz, JP, MP Shadow Attorney General Constituency 9 - Smiths West One Bermuda Alliance
Michael Dunkley, JP, MP Shadow Minister of National Security Constituency 10 - Smiths North One Bermuda Alliance
Christopher Famous, JP, MP Backbencher Constituency 11 - Devonshire East Progressive Labour Party
Craig Cannonier, JP, MP Backbencher Constituency 12 - Devonshire South Central One Bermuda Alliance
Diallo Rabain, JP, MP Minister of Education Constituency 13 - Devonshire North Central Progressive Labour Party
Wayne Caines, JP, MP Minister of National Security Constituency 14 - Devonshire North West Progressive Labour Party
Walter Roban, JP, MP Deputy Premier and Minister of Transportation & Regulatory Affairs Constituency 15 - Pembroke East Progressive Labour Party
Michael Weeks, JP, MP Minister of Social Development & Sport Constituency 16 - Pembroke East Central Progressive Labour Party
Walton Brown, JP, MP Minister of Home Affairs Constituency 17 - Pembroke Central Progressive Labour Party
David Burt, JP, MP Premier and Minister of Finance Constituency 18 - Pembroke West Central Progressive Labour Party
Jeanne Atherden, JP, MP Opposition Leader Constituency 19 - Pembroke West One Bermuda Alliance
Susan Jackson, JP, MP Opposition Whip & Shadow Minister of Health & Seniors Constituency 20 - Pembroke South West One Bermuda Alliance
Rolfe Commissiong, JP, MP Backbencher Constituency 21 - Pembroke South East Progressive Labour Party
Scott Pearman, JP, MP Backbencher Constituency 22 - Paget East One Bermuda Alliance
Patricia Gordon Pamplin, JP, MP Shadow Minister of Home Affairs Constituency 23 - Paget West One Bermuda Alliance
Lawrence Scott, JP, MP Government Whip Constituency 24 - Warwick South East Progressive Labour Party
Curtis L. Dickinson, JP, MP Backbencher Constituency 25 - Warwick North East One Bermuda Alliance
Neville Tyrrell, JP, MP Backbencher Constituency 26 - Warwick South Central Progressive Labour Party
Lt. Col David Burch, JP, MP Minister of Public Works Constituency 27 - Warwick North Central Progressive Labour Party
Dennis Lister III, JP, MP Backbencher Constituency 28 - Warwick West Progressive Labour Party
Zane De Silva, JP, MP Backbencher Constituency 29 - Southampton East Progressive Labour Party
Leah Scott, JP, MP Deputy Opposition Leader Constituency 30 - Southampton East Central One Bermuda Alliance
Ben Smith, JP, MP Shadow Minister of Sport & Youth Development Constituency 31 - Southampton West Central One Bermuda Alliance
Scott Simmons, JP, MP Backbencher Constituency 32 - Southampton West Progressive Labour Party
Jamahl Simmons, JP, MP Minister of Economic Development Constituency 33 - Sandys South Progressive Labour Party
Kim Wilson, JP, MP Minister of Health Constituency 34 - Sandys South Central Progressive Labour Party
Dennis Lister, JP, MP Speaker of the House of Assembly Constituency 35 - Sandys North Central Progressive Labour Party
Michael Scott, JP, MP Backbencher Constituency 36 - Sandys North Progressive Labour Party
As at December 2012
source: http://www.parliament.bm
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