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Constituencies in Jamaica
Jamaica's 14 parishes are subdivided into 63 constituencies. The country follows the Westminster system and elects 63 Members of Parliament (MPs) to the Jamaica House of Representatives.
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The following is the list of constituencies such as it was at the time of the 2016 general elections.
Parish Constituency # Polling Districts
Clarendon Parish Clarendon Central 97
  Clarendon North 92
  Clarendon North Central 99
  Clarendon North Western 104
  Clarendon South Eastern 109
  Clarendon South Western 87
Hanover Parish Hanover Eastern 88
  Hanover Western 97
Kingston Parish Kingston Central 72
  Kingston East & Port Royal 65
  Kingston Western 83
Manchester Parish Manchester Central 112
  Manchester North Eastern 98
  Manchester North Western 90
  Manchester Southern 110
Portland Parish Portland Eastern 122
  Portland Western 99
St. Andrew Parish St. Andrew East Central 103
  St. Andrew East Rural 93
  St. Andrew Eastern 100
  St. Andrew North Central 76
  St. Andrew North Eastern 68
  St. Andrew North Western 99
  St. Andrew South Eastern 87
  St. Andrew South Western 76
  St. Andrew Southern 84
  St. Andrew West Central 92
  St. Andrew West Rural 110
  St. Andrew Westernl 117
St. Ann Parish St. Ann North Eastern 109
  St. Ann North Western 110
  St. Ann South Eastern 121
  St. Ann South Western 101
St. Catherine Parish St. Catherine Central 90
  St. Catherine East Central 75
  St. Catherine Eastern 102
  St. Catherine North Central 91
  St. Catherine North Eastern 104
  St. Catherine North Western 103
  St. Catherine South Central 87
  St. Catherine South Eastern 114
  St. Catherine South Western 110
  St. Catherine Southern 122
  St. Catherine West Central 103
St. Elizabeth Parish St. Elizabeth North Eastern 110
  St. Elizabeth North Western 83
  St. Elizabeth South Eastern 98
  St. Elizabeth South Western 96
St. James Parish St. James Central 80
  St. James East Central 89
  St. James North Western 81
  St. James Southern 93
  St. James West Central 80
St. Mary Parish St. Mary Central 97
  St. Mary South Eastern 104
  St. Mary Western 121
St. Thomas Parish St. Thomas Eastern 116
  St. Thomas Western 141
Trelawny Parish Trelawny Northern 124
  Trelawny Southern 81
Westmoreland Parish Westmoreland Central 150
  Westmoreland Eastern 115
  Westmoreland Western 111
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JLP = Jamaica Labour Party; PNP = People's National Party; IND = Inpendent candidate; * Incumbent; ** Political Leader
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