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Constituencies in Belize
Belize is divided into 31 electoral districts or constituencies, each represented by one member in the House of representatives. Belize's constituencies are divided in such a way that their voting population be as equal as possible to each other ensuring, theoretically, that resources are equally shared among the country's citizens, as required by the constitution. After the 2003 General Elections two additional constituencies were created from territory of existing constituencies in order to further ensure the equality of the voting populations among the constituencies. Coming out of January 2008, the most populous constituency (Stann Creek West) had a voting population of 7,085 while the least populous constituency (Fort George) had a voting population of 3,195.
Expand Map Belize District
1. Albert
2. Belize Rural Central
3. Belize Rural North
4. Belize Rural South
5. Caribbean Shores
6. Collet
7. Fort George
8. Freetown
9. Lake Independence
10. Mesopotamia
11. Pickstock
12. Port Loyola
13. Queen Square

Corozal District
14. Corozal Bay
15. Corozal North
16. Corozal South East
17. Corozal South West

Cayo District
18. Belmopan
19. Cayo Central
20. Cayo North
21. Cayo North East
22. Cayo South
23. Cayo West

Orange Walk District
24. Orange Walk Central
25. Orange Walk East
26. Orange Walk North
27. Orange Walk South

Stann Creek District
28. Dangriga
29. Stann Creek West

Toledo District
30. Toledo East
31. Toledo West


The term boundary re-districting or boundary de-limitation is used interchangeably and is defined as to fix the limits of electoral boundaries or to alter electoral boundaries

The legal framework is set out in Section 90 of the Belize Constitution

  • Section 90 (1) (a) states, “Each electoral division shall have as nearly as may be, an equal number of persons eligible to vote.”
  • Section 90 (1) (b) states that total number of electoral divisions should not be less than 28
  • Section 90 (2) states that in fixing boundaries, regard is to be given to transport, physical features, other facilities of the electoral division.

The National Assembly makes the final decision. The Elections and Boundaries Commission makes proposals to the National Assembly. The National Assembly may accept all or part of the proposal submitted by the Elections and Boundaries Commission.

Below is the chronological order for the creation of Belize's current constituencies.

Year of Change No. of Seats/ Divisions New Constituencies
1945 6

The following six constituencies were created for the Legislative:Assembly.

  • Northern
  • Cayo
  • Toledo
  • Stann Creek
  • Belize (2)
1954 9 The number of constituencies was increased by three to nine:
  • Belize District: Belize North, Belize Rural, Belize South, Belize West
  • Cayo District: Cayo
  • Corozal District: Corozal
  • Orange Walk District: Orange Walk
  • Stann Creek District: Stann Creek
  • Toledo District: Toledo
1961 18 In a major nationwide redistricting, all of the previous nine constituencies were abolished and replaced with the following, doubling the total number of constituencies to 18:
  • Belize District: Albert, Belize Rural North, Belize Rural South, Collet, Fort George, Freetown, Mesopotamia, Pickstock
  • Cayo District: Cayo North, Cayo South
  • Corozal District: Corozal North, Corozal South
  • Orange Walk District: Orange Walk North, Orange Walk South
  • Stann Creek District: Stann Creek Town, Stann Creek Rural
  • Toledo District: Toledo North, Toledo South
1979 18 The following constituencies were renamed:
  • Stann Creek District: Stann Creek Town renamed Dangriga, Stann Creek Rural renamed Stann Creek West.
1984 28 The number of constituencies increased by 10 to 28. The following constituencies were created:
  • Belize District: Caribbean Shores, Lake Independence, Queen's Square, Port Loyola
  • Cayo District: Cayo Central, Cayo West
  • Corozal District: Corozal Bay
  • Orange Walk District: Orange Walk Central, Orange Walk East
The following were altered:
  • Corozal District: Corozal South was split into Corozal South East and Corozal South West
  • Toledo District: Toledo North and Toledo South were abolished, replaced by Toledo East and Toledo West
1993 29 The number of constituencies increased by one to 29. The following constituency was created:
  • Belize District: Belize Rural Central
  • Boundary delimitation changes to: Port Loyola, Collet
1997 29 Boundary delimitation changes to:
  • Cayo Central
  • Cayo South
1998 29 Boundary delimitation changes to:
  • Caribbean Shores
  • Freetown
  • Fort George
  • Pickstock
  • Belize Rural South
  • Belize Rural Central
  • Corozal North
  • Corozal Bay
  • Corozal South West
  • Orange Walk North
  • Orange Walk East
  • Orange Walk Central
2002 29 Boundary delimitation changes to:
  • Stann Creek West and Toledo East
  • Independence, Placencia, Seine Bight Villages and surrounding Communities of the Stann Creek District moved from Toledo East to Stann Creek West
2008 31 The number of constituencies increased by two to 31. The following constituencies were created:
  • Cayo District: Belmopan, Cayo North East
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