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General Election Results - 3 March 2000

Early general elections were held in Anguilla on Friday, 3 March 2000

After holding power for just 10 months, Chief Minister Herbert Hughes in January announced he had opted for a March general election. The original date of the poll was 10 March but this was changed to 3 March, reportedly by the last British Governor of the island, Robert Harris.

The poll was called four years early because of a constitutional deadlock. Hughes called the election months after Banks resigned from his administration and joined up with the opposition Anguilla National Alliance (ANA). The pull-out left Hughes with a three-to-four minority among the elected members of the Legislature.

Hughes found running the 91 sq. km. (35 sq. mile) British dependency a major problem after the four opposition members boycotted parliament. Hughes took House of Assembly Speaker Leroy Rogers to court to get parliament activated, after the Speaker cited the lack of a quorum and kept the chamber idle, but the High Court ruled in favour of the speaker.

The election campaign was dominated by charges of corruption in high places, misuse of government funds and MPs' abuse of their positions by not reconvening parliament to help Anguillans affected by Hurricane Lenny last November.

Eighteen candidates were nominated for the seven seats at stake in the election. The Anguilla National Alliance (ANA), led by Osbourne Fleming nominated three candidates; the Anguilla Democratic Party (ADP), headed by Victor Banks named one; ex-chief minister Hubert Hughes' Anguilla United Movement (AUM) named two; the new Movement for Grassroots Democracy (MGDR) led by John Benjamin nominated two; and the Anguilla Patriotic Movement (APM) named two candidates. Eight independent candidates also contested the election.

The Anguilla United Front (AUF), a grouping of opposition forces, scored a narrow win in Anguilla's general election winning four of the seven seats – ANA – 3 seats; ADP – 1 seat.  The outgoing Chief Minister Hubert Hughes's Anguilla United Movement (AUM) retained its two seats. The seventh seat went to an independent, Edison Baird.

The election resulted in the same representatives being returned, but a new government was formed by Osbourne Fleming's AUF joining forces with Victor Banks of the ADP.   Fleming was sworn in as Chief Minister on 6 March 2000.

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Total Valid Votes 4,706
Invalid Votes 119
Total Votes Cast 4,825
Registered Voters 7,520
Voter Turnout 64.16%
Nomination Day Fri, 18 Feb 2000
Polling Day Fri, 03 Mar 2000
  Photo Victor BANKS
Anguilla Democratic Party (ADP)
  Photo Osbourne FLEMING Anguilla National Alliance (ANA) Winner
  Photo Quincy GUMBS
Antigua Patriotic Movement (APM)
  Photo Hubert HUGHES
Anguilla United Movement (AUM)
  Photo John BENJAMIN
Movement for Grassroots Democracy (MFGD)
Summary Results by Party
Party Code Votes % votes Candidates Seats
Anguilla Democratic Party ADP 536 11.39% 1 1
Anguilla National Alliance ANA 1,684 35.78% 4 3
Anguilla Patriotic Movement APM 194 4.12% 2 0
Anguilla United Movement AUM 596 12.66% 2 2
Movement for Grassroots Democracy MFGD 176 3.74% 2 0
Independents IND 1,520 32.30% 7 1
Total Valid Votes 4,706 100% 18 7
Election in Graphs
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Summary by Constituency
Electoral District  ADP ANA APM AUM MFGD IND Valid Votes
District 1: Island Harbour - 495 104 - - 221 820
District 2: Sandy Hill - 349 90 - - 47 486
District 3: Valley North - 691 - - 40 117 848
District 4: Valley South 536 - - - 136 155 827
District 5: Road North - - - - - 672 672
District 6: Road South - - - 378 - 308 686
District 7:West End - 149 - 218 - - 367
Total 536 1,684 194 596 176 1,520 4,706
Detailed Results by Constituency
District 1:
Island Harbour
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  Candidate Party Votes % votes
  HARRIGAN, Kenneth Winner ANA 495 60.37%
  RICHARDSON, Franklin APM 104 12.68%
  WEBSTER-BOURNE, Barbara J. IND 221 26.95%
District 2:
Sandy Hill
View results for constituency
  Candidate Party Votes % votes
  FLEMING, Osbourne B. Winner ANA 349 71.81%
  GUMBS, Quincy APM 90 18.52%
  AUGUSTUS, Margaret IND 47 9.67%
District 3:
Valley North
View results for constituency
  Candidate Party Votes % votes
  REID, Eric Winner ANA 691 81.49%
  BENJAMIN, John MFGD 40 4.72%
  HODGE, Valencia RC IND 117 13.80%
District 4:
Valley South
View results for constituency
  Candidate Party Votes % votes
  BANKS, Victor Winner ADP 536 64.81%
  KENTISH, Joyce MFGD 136 16.44%
  GUMBS, Iwandai IND 155 18.74%
District 5:
Road North
View results for constituency
  Candidate Party Votes % votes
  BAIRD, Edison Winner IND 364 50.35%
  RICHARDSON, Rhonda IND 359 49.65%
District 6:
Road South
View results for constituency
  Candidate Party Votes % votes
  HUGHES, Hubert B. Winner AUM 378 55.10%
  CONNOR, Franlin IND 308 44.90%
District 7:
West End
View results for constituency
  Candidate Party Votes % votes
  RICHARDSON, Kenswick ANA 149 40.60%
  HUGHES, Albert E. Winner AUM 218 59.40%
Elected Members of the House of Assembly
The unicameral House of Assembly was comprised of 7 elected members.
Electoral District Representative Party
District 1: Island Harbour HARRIGAN, Kenneth   Anguilla National Alliance
District 2: Sandy Hill FLEMING, Osbourne B.   Anguilla National Alliance
District 3: Valley North REID, Eric   Anguilla National Alliance
District 4: Valley South BANKS, Victor   Anguilla Democratic Party
District 5: Road North BAIRD, Edison   Independent
District 6: Road South HUGHES, Hubert Benjamin   Anguilla United Movement
District 7:West End HUGHES, Albert E.   Anguilla United Movement
AUF = Anguilla United Front; AUM = Anguilla United Movement; DOVE = The DOVE Party; IND = Independent; * Incumbent; ** Political Leader
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