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General Election Results - 4 March 1999

General elections were held in Anguilla on Thursday, 4 March 1999.

The main parties for the poll in this 35-square-mile island are the Anguilla United Party (AUP) headed by Hughes, the Anguilla Democratic Party (ADP) led by Finance Minister Victor Banks and the Anguilla National Alliance (ANA) headed by businessman Osbourne Fleming.

The coalition campaigned on its record of economic achievement. Leaders pointed to high employment in the colony, where offshore banking and tourism are major sources of foreign exchange.
The result was a victory for the ruling coalition of the Anguilla United Party (AUP) and the Anguilla Democratic Party (ADP), each winning two seats. The opposition Anguilla National Alliance (ANA) won three seats.

In a ministerial slate identical to the previous Government, Victor Banks, the 51 year-old leader of the ADP, was reappointed Minister of Finance and Economic Development. Hubert Hughes took up responsibilities for home affairs, tourism, lands, labor and immigration.

The coalition government lost its majority in May 1999 upon the resignation of Victor Banks, the Finance Minister and leader of the Anguilla Democratic Party (ADP).  Due to the collapse of the ruling coalition, fresh elections were held in March 2000.  Mr Hughes was left with the support of just three of seven elected representatives.  He remained in office as chief minister, but an opposition boycott, initiated in June 1999, prevented the House of Assembly from convening because of lack of quorum. As a consequence, no budget could be passed for 2000. To resolve this impasse, a fresh election was held in March 2000.

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Total Valid Votes 4,804
Invalid Votes 44
Total Votes Cast 4,848
Registered Voters 6,578
Voter Turnout 73.70%
Nomination Day Tue, 23 Feb 1999
Polling Day Thu, 04 Mar 1999
  Photo Victor BANKS
Anguilla Democratic Party (ADP)
  Photo Osbourne FLEMING
Anguilla National Alliance (ANA)
  Photo Hubert HUGHES
Anguilla United Party (AUP) Winner
Summary Results by Party
Party Code Votes % votes Candidates Seats
Anguilla Democratic Party ADP 1,579 32.87% 4 2
Anguilla National Alliance ANA 2,054 42.76% 6 3
Anguilla United Party AUP 704 14.65% 2 2
Independents IND 467 9.72% 4 0
Total Valid Votes 4,804 100% 16 7
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Summary Results by Constituency
Electoral District  ADP ANA AUP IND Valid Votes
District 1: Island Harbour 225 483 - 98 806
District 2: Sandy Hill - 303 - 66 369
District 3: Valley North 470 548 - - 1,018
District 4: Valley South 503 237 - 71 811
District 5: Road North 381 337 - - 718
District 6: Road South - - 434 232 666
District 7:West End - 146 270 - 416
Total 1,579 2,054 704 467 4,804
Detailed Results by Constituency
District 1:
Island Harbour
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  Candidate Party Votes % votes
  WEBSTER-BOURNE, Barbara J. ADP 225 27.92%
  HARRIGAN, Kenneth Winner ANA 483 59.93%
  RICHARDSON, Franklin IND 98 12.16%
District 2:
Sandy Hill
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  Candidate Party Votes % votes
  FLEMING, Osbourne B. Winner ANA 303 82.11%
  RUAN, Clement IND 66 17.89%
District 3:
Valley North
View results for constituency
  Candidate Party Votes % votes
  ROGERS, Leroy C. ADP 470 46.17%
  REID, Eric Winner ANA 548 53.83%
District 4:
Valley South
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  Candidate Party Votes % votes
  BANKS, Victor Winner ADP 503 62.02%
  RODGIERS, Blondell ANA 237 29.22%
  WEBSTER, Ronald J. AUP 71 8.75%
District 5:
Road North
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  Candidate Party Votes % votes
  BAIRD, Edison Winner ADP 381 53.06%
  CARTY, David ANA 337 46.94%
District 6:
Road South
View results for constituency
  Candidate Party Votes % votes
  HUGHES, Hubert B. Winner AUP 434 65.17%
  CONNOR, Franlin IND 232 34.83%
District 7:
West End
View results for constituency
  Candidate Party Votes % votes
  RICHARDSON, Kenswick ANA 146 35.10%
  HUGHES, Albert E. Winner AUP 270 64.90%
Elected Members of the House of Assembly
The unicameral House of Assembly was comprised of 7 elected members.
Electoral District Representative Party
District 1: Island Harbour HARRIGAN, Kenneth   Anguilla National Alliance
District 2: Sandy Hill FLEMING, Osbourne B.   Anguilla National Alliance
District 3: Valley North REID, Eric   Anguilla National Alliance
District 4: Valley South BANKS, Victor   Anguilla Democratic Party
District 5: Road North BAIRD, Edison   Anguilla Democratic Party
District 6: Road South HUGHES, Hubert Benjamin   Anguilla United Party
District 7:West End HUGHES, Albert E.   Anguilla United Party
AUF = Anguilla United Front; AUM = Anguilla United Movement; DOVE = The DOVE Party; IND = Independent; * Incumbent; ** Political Leader
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